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My Wishlist

  • What is "My Wishlist?"
  • "My Wishlist" are movie titles you have added to your watch list as you browse the Parlier Video Rentals website. This is a great way to keep track of interesting movies you may want to see as you come across them!

    If you have Registered for a free Parlier Video Rentals online account, "My Wishlist" is enhanced by notifying you one week in advance when titles are released on video.
  • How do I use "My Wishlist?"
  • Anywhere you see   Add to My Wishlist

    click the Add to My Wishlist and the movie will be added to your list. You can view your list any time you wish (even if you leave the site and come back at a later date) by clicking "My Wishlist" from the top navigation bar.
  • Do I need to register to use "My Wishlist?"
  • No, although it is a good idea.

    You can use "My Wishlist" without creating a "Free Online Account." If your Parlier Video Rentals cookie is ever deleted though, all movies you have added will be lost.

    By creating a free account you will always have access to your list on "My Wishlist" regardless.
  • "My Wishlist" list is gone, can I retrieve it somewhere?
  • Yes, as long as you registered for a "Free Online Account".

    If you have already registered just "Login" from the "My Wishlist" screen and your list will re-appear.

    Sometimes your cookies may get lost or erased and simply re-logging in will bring your list back.

    If you have not registered for a free online account with Parlier Video Rentals then your list cannot be retrieved. Please setup your "Free Online Account" and get access to all of Parlier Video Rentals's great features.
  • How can I edit my online account?
  • Please see the "Account Information" help area.
  • I can't remember my login information?
  • Please see the "Account Information" help area.